Nick Finest smashes it with heavy again exercises 6 months after kidney surgical procedure

Even as he begins to withdraw from the competition, Best perseveres.

On April 27, 2023, recently retired strongman Nick Best shared a clip of himself Train on a seated isolateral rowing machine with six 45-pound plates attached on each side. The best row is 540 pounds (244.9 kilograms) for eight reps. Also best is rowing five 45-pound plates per side (total 204.1 kg/450 pounds) for 10 reps and four 45-pound plates per side (total 163.3 kg/360 pounds), also for 10 repetitions.

According to the caption of Best’s post, at this heavy weight, the row machine routine follows a nephrectomy in early January 2023 – the surgical removal of one of the kidneys. Best had previously shared on Instagram that he needed a kidney removal due to a diagnosis of stage 1 renal cell carcinoma.

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By his standards, Nick Best seems to have been a little loose in the weight room lately. While he’s still posting regular training updates that will likely require massive power and strength from his home facility, Best has dialed it back in some official aspects.

After placing second in the 50+ Masters World’s Strongest Man competition during the last Official Strongman Games (OSG) in November 2022, the power icon retired from strongman competition. Shortly thereafter, Best seems to set plans in motion for the maintenance his body would need before he can resume his usual weightlifting routine.

Some of Best’s other recent workouts cater to the established precedent of a veteran power star.

In mid-April 2023, Best performed 115-pound (52.1 kg) dips for 10 reps and combined them with 105-pound (47.6 kg) dumbbell bench presses during a chest workout. Prior to that, Best had a leg day in which he squatted 332.5 kilograms (735 pounds) while wearing a sling and knee wraps. If the athlete has lost strength after recent kidney surgery, it is not clear from these examples of his exercises how it has affected him.

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Best turned 54 in November and has shown no obvious signs of slowing down. After all, powerlifting shine still seems to be present in his front-view mirror. Despite his surgery and a devastating lats injury in spring 2021, he resembles an athlete with the intent to pick up (pun intended) where he left off.

Featured image: @nickbeststrongman on Instagram

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