Maureen Blanquisco wins the 2022 Bikini Olympics

Blanquisco tops the Bikini Olympia podium for the first time.

Maureen Blanquisco is the 2022 Olympic Bikini Champion. Entering the final callout of the Division Finals, the athlete faced familiar faces in former champions Jennifer Dorie (2021) and Ashley Kaltwasser (2013-2015) and Jourdanne Lee. By the end of the evening, Blanquisco prevailed and had her first Bikini Olympics title firmly in her hands.

Here are the respective top 5 finishers at the Bikini Olympia 2022 and their respective cash prizes:

Results of the Bikini Olympia 2022

  1. Maureen White — $50,000 | 2022 Bikini Olympic Winner
  2. Jennifer Dory – $20,000
  3. Ashley Coldwater – $12,000
  4. hill degrees – $7,000
  5. Lauralie Chapados – $6,000

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The Bikini Olympia Finals were actually the start of the evening’s finals, but the winner didn’t get his title until Chris Bumstead won his fourth straight Classic Physique Olympia. The schedule didn’t seem to bother Blanquisco in her steadfast pursuit of the Bikini Olympics title.

With comparisons out of the way, it was assumed that Blanquisco and Dorie were in the best places on the field, in the eyes of the judges, to win the championship. In a major upset for the division, Blanquisco successfully defeated the former defending champion to capture the 2022 Bikini Olympia crown.

“I knew it was a matter of time, I just didn’t think it would be this time,” said a surprised Blanquisco in her interview after the win. “I am so grateful.”

Blanquisco’s rise isn’t exactly shocking when put into context. The athlete had steadily improved her results at the Bikini Olympia, from ninth place in 2019 and fourth place in 2021 to a championship during the 2022 iteration. In terms of other recent competition results, she won the 2022 Boston Pro and finished second at the Arnold Classic 2022.

As she begins her own reign as champion, winning the Bikini Olympia for the first time in her career could be the icing on the cake for Blanquisco.

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Here’s the remaining schedule for the 2022 Olympics weekend (although not necessarily in order), and here’s how to keep up with the action. (Note: All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time.)

Saturday 17 December 2022

7:00 p.m. – Finals

  • Mr Olympia
  • Men’s Physics Olympiad
  • Classic physique Olympia

Blanquisco’s Bikini Olympia finds herself in exclusive company with the champions she toppled. She will compete in 2023 to become the next repeat Bikini Olympian as she seeks to build on this stellar achievement from bodybuilding’s biggest stage.

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