Every month appears to be the most popular, the driest, the wettest, or no matter record-breaking occasion. • Are you executed with that?

Not many people know that

By Paul Homewood

This article summarizes how hysterical some so-called experts have become:


Take this comment for example:

Many flowering plants, including orchids, have wilted in the high temperatures, meaning insects like bees and butterflies that feed on nectar and pollen have less to eat, Wildlife Trusts’ Ali Morse told BBC News.

Species with a short lifespan are particularly badly affected. Many butterflies are adults for only a short time, and if they don’t have access to food during that time, population will be stunted.

This impact is more surprising and earlier than last year given the wet and cold spring, Ms Morse added.

Each month seems to be the hottest, driest, wettest, or whatever record-breaking eventS. When there is a one-off pollution or forest fire, nature usually has time to recover, but now it seems to be constantly plagued by extreme weather conditions,” she added.

“Each month seems to be the hottest, the driest, the wettest, or whatever record-breaking event.”

Really, Ms. Morse?

If you really believe this, you live in a fantasy world! I suggest you get back in touch with reality and check what the facts say.

First the temperatures:


There is a cluster of the coldest months at the beginning of the record and another cluster of the hottest towards the end, just as one would expect in a gradually warming climate. However, there has only been one record since 2015, and of course that was last month.

And rain? Again just one monthly record since 2014; that was in February 2020. Only four total records since 1997, which is about average:

In short, we’ve only had two monthly temperature and precipitation records for the last eight years; That’s hardly “every month”, Ms. Morse!

In fact, two in eight years is pretty much what you’d expect. Since there are 48 records to be won over a period of 187 years for rain and 140 years for temperature, the law of averages says you get a record every three years.

Unfortunately, this hysteria isn’t limited to the odd chump or two like our Mrs. Morse.


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