Berliners don’t help local weather neutrality by 2030 ballots – watts with that?

h/t candy; The brutal reality of Germany’s green energy failure and prohibitive utility bills may have finally created some reluctance to move forward.


UPDATE 21:05 CET: Berlin electoral office: CONCLUSION: The Berlin referendum for a climate-neutral city by 2030 FAILED GREATLY.

Although there was a slim majority of yes votes, the 442,210 “yes” votes fell far short of the quorum of 25% of all eligible voters (607,518 votes) required to validate the referendum.

Yes: 442,210
No.: 423.418

The result shows that only 18% of Berlin’s 2,430,000 voters cared enough to go out and vote for action on the “climate crisis”.

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What can I say? The Germans have been very patient, they have waited at least two decades for the cheap electricity that the renewables are supposed to deliver – a delivery date is not in sight.


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