World warming threatens Wimbledon – so?


By Paul Homewood

The Met Office today posted this ridiculous article on its website entitled “Increasing Climate Challenge to Wimbledon Championships”:

It makes the usual claims of how global warming will affect sports like tennis:

Professor Stephen Belcher, Chief Scientist at the Met Office, commented, “All the evidence available suggests that our climate is changing: we have already seen aspects like extreme heat, and the worse is yet to come.

“Great Britain has not recorded temperatures higher than 38.7 ° C. However, our climate projections show that temperatures of 40.0 ° C or more are possible in Wimbledon even in future tournaments, which poses considerable challenges for the health of players and spectators. Climate change will affect every aspect of our lives, including the sports we love to watch. Wimbledon Environment Day is a reminder that society has very little time left to keep the temperature of our atmosphere within a sustainable range. “

Quite a silly statement when you consider that tennis around the world is already being played in much hotter conditions than at Wimbledon, with no health problems. In fact, most of the players I suspect would rather be elsewhere on Court 14 on a cold, humid day!

But as the Met Office’s own data shows, the UK’s summers aren’t really getting any hotter:

Occasionally weather conditions bring hot summers, like 1976 and 2018, but the former is still the hottest. In other years we can experience cold, wet summers.

But there’s a reason no summer has surpassed the sun since 1976.

It is the sun that regulates the temperatures in summer, not the CO2. For example, the summers in Paris are hotter than in London because the sun is higher in the sky. A long, dry summer dominated by high pressure always brings hot weather with it.

Occasionally, the jet stream also pulls very hot air from the Sahara, like it did in 2019, but this is a short-term meteorological event, typically for a day or two, not evidence of climate change.

Unless the earth shifts in orbit, the UK summers are unlikely to surpass the 1976 temperatures in our lives.

It is shameful that the Met Office gives its name to this pernicious, politically motivated propaganda


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