“World warming can result in elevated frost harm!” – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to Climate Scientists, Europe’s bitterly cold April would have been colder if it hadn’t been for climate change, so we must step up our effort to fight global warming.

Global Warming Is Increasing the Likelihood of Frost Damage in Vineyards

Late frosts are becoming less likely, but early growing seasons are leaving vines even more vulnerable.

By Mike Pomranz July 06, 2021

A common retort to global warming (and one of the reasons many people prefer the term “climate change”) is “If the Earth is warming, what’s up with this cold?” All intended snark aside, it’s a question scientists are genuinely interested in: Weather patterns are extremely complicated (just ask your weather app that’s never right) and determining how individual incidents tie into larger climate shifts is difficult.

For instance, this past April, France was hit with a devastating frost, affecting 80 percent of vineyards with estimated damages of around $2 billion: not the kind of outcome you’d expect from a warming planet. But new analysis from a team of European researchers suggests that this damage was ultimately tied to climate change — not because April was so cold, but because March was so warm.

“There is an apparent paradox: global warming can lead to increased frost damage!” Robert Vautard, senior scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and director of the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, stated, discussing the paper he co-authored. “Our results show that climate change is making both the growing season start earlier and frosts become warmer, but the former effect dominates over the latter. The consequence is that vineyards grow and mature faster now, but this leaves them more exposed to eventual colder snaps.”

Read more: https://www.foodandwine.com/news/wine-grape-frost-global-warming-climate-change-linked

I mean there is clearly only one solution – we need to cut CO2 emissions, to ensure the return of bitterly cold Little Ice Age winters, to save French winery vineyards.


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