World Warming Brings Close to Report Chilly to the Tropical Pacific • Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

The Queen of Tonga (21° South – tropical South Pacific) distributed blankets to help her people survive a dangerous outbreak of global warming.

Beanies, scarves and puffer jackets come out as near-record chilly weather hits parts of the Pacific

By ABC Pacific’s Nick Sas, Samoa reporter Adel Fruean, Tonga reporter Marian Kupu and Toby Mann

The people of Tonga know how to adapt to the extremes of the natural environment.

Key points:

  • A weather system pulling cold air from south of Tonga has helped drive temperatures to near-record lows
  • Members of Tonga’s royal family donated blankets to freezing prisoners and patients in a psychiatric ward 
  • The lowest temperature recorded in Tonga was 8.7C in September 1994

Cyclones, volcanic eruptions and the impacts of climate change are elements they’ve learnt to live with. But the cold weather? That’s a different matter.

“Right now we’re experiencing much colder temperatures than normal,” Rita Prema, a shop owner in the capital Nuku’alofa told the ABC.

“We’ve got customers coming in for coffee mugs, vacuum flasks, teapots and insulated bottles to keep their hot beverages warmer through these colder nights.”

But last week, the country recorded its second-lowest temperature ever, at 9.3 degrees Celsius.

According to Tonga Meteorological Services, the lowest temperature recorded in the country was 8.7C in September 1994.

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The ABC article went on to blame “climate change” for making weather patterns unpredictable. The article also mentioned other tropical South Pacific islands are also experiencing cold weather.

Strangely the ABC forgot to use the latest UN buzz phrase “global boiling” to describe the situation in Tonga.

Let’s hope the world gets global warming under control, otherwise we could all freeze to death!

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