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Essay by Eric Worrall

Could stating a climate-skeptical position land you a million dollars in fines if Biden’s “RESTRICT Act” passes?

Nothing is ever what it seems. The university party wants more power to control what we do and see. And now we’re going to give the Biden jerks the chance to throw us in jail for 20 years if they decide we’re breaking this lunacy? No thank you. https://t.co/NKpBlUry4L

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 28, 2023

Section 3C of the law appears to give the Attorney General the power to rule that US citizens are prohibited from receiving communications from foreign sources.

General: The Secretary, in consultation with the heads of the relevant executive department and agency, has the authority to take any action to identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate or otherwise mitigate any action, including by negotiation, completion or the imposition and enforcement of mitigating measures to address risks arising out of a Covered Transaction by any person or in relation to assets subject to the jurisdiction of the United States as determined by the Secretary… Coercive or criminal activity by a foreign adversary aimed at undermining democratic processes and institutions or directing political and regulatory decisions in favor of a foreign adversary’s strategic goals to the detriment of the national security of the United States, as determined in consultation with the Attorney General, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Treasury and the Federal Election Commission; or

(2) otherwise poses an unreasonable or unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States or the safety of US persons.

Read more: https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/senate-bill/686/text?s=1&r=15

The Biden administration often defines climate skepticism as disinformation.

The head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Deputy Assistant to the President, Dr. Alondra NelsonCommended the roundtable participants for providing knowledge that will help inform and accelerate federal climate action, and cited their work as an example of the value of combining the social sciences and the natural sciences:

Given the realities of climate change and global warming – including the rigor and solidity of the science and the mounting evidence of its effects – one might be tempted to ask, “What took so long?” Which brings us to another reality, which is this group knows better than most: the There have been and have been forces against the cause of climate protection for decades – the range from self-interest and short-term thinking to intentional disinformation Campaigns that are as insidious as they are insidious.”

In the closing remarks Neera Tanden, Senior White House Advisor said, “That’s clear A variety of special interests had a vested interest in sowing doubt about climate change and feeding denial and delay. We have to face this reality. But despite this organized campaign, a strong majority in the country want climate action because they understand the consequences of inaction.” …

Read more: https://www.whitehouse.gov/ostp/news-updates/2022/02/25/readout-of-white-house-climate-science-roundtable-on-countering-delayism-and-communicating- the -urgency-of-climate-protection-measures/

What are the penalties for people caught breaking the RESTRICT Act?

(1. GENERAL. – A person who intentionally commits, intentionally attempts to commit, or intentionally conspired to commit, or assists or assists in the commission of an unlawful act shall, upon conviction be fined not more than $1,000,000or if it is a natural person imprisoned for no more than 20 years or both.

Read more: https://www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/senate-bill/686/text?s=1&r=15

I’m not a lawyer, so I may have misinterpreted the law. However, violating this law does not appear to require the commission of a felony, all the law appears to require is a “transaction,” the transmission of information, or the use of any communication device that the Biden administration determines does poses a threat to the country’s security. And there seems little doubt that the Biden administration views climate skepticism as a serious threat to national security, judging from White House communiques on the subject.

Obviously, if passed, this law would address much more than climate skepticism. In my opinion, this would have a chilling effect on all forms of free speech on the internet.

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