Why upskilling alternatives needs to be on the prime of each job seeker’s checklist

The tech sector is in the midst of what has been dubbed a “double disruption” as it grapples with the economic fallout of a two-year pandemic while also grappling with the rapid advancement of AI.

What it means for workers is simple: according to the World Economic Forum, half of us will need to retrain in the next five years.

That’s not as daunting as it sounds. In a dynamic job market, upskilling is a core concern, and many employers promote in-house skills programs as part of their employee incentive packages. The Penny Has Dropped: Retaining the best talent in the age of AI means helping them improve themselves.

Employee training to increase employee retention is preferable to turnover and costly recruitment campaigns in the long run. When it comes to talent, paying to get better at the job has now become synonymous with stock options, remote work and diversity policies.

Further qualification for handling AI

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Of course, artificial intelligence has thrown down a gauntlet to workers and their employers. In March, a Goldman Sachs study predicted that generative AI has the potential to replace up to 300 million jobs.

While advanced automation has shrunk a large number of technical jobs, it has also increased the need for skills that machines simply cannot handle. According to the WEF report “Future of Jobs”, there will be a massive shift in the division of labor between humans and machines by 2025.

Ikea’s recent effort to align its workforce using AI is proof that upskilling can help solve the division of labor problem. The company is offloading most of its routine customer service requests to Billie — an AI bot named after its best-selling bookshelf — and freeing its human employees to focus on soft skills and creative work, such as remote indoor consulting. The company claims that AI has not reduced the number of its employees so far.

Plan your new career path

The path to further qualification is varied and the choice is large. Some global companies have dedicated in-house training services, while others also pay their employees to seek outside help with learning.

Not all learning and development is formal. There are numerous informal, non-accredited courses (many of them app-based) and can take your contribution from good to great. While these are easily accessible, for the most part they require some level of self-assessment.

Employees in very specific roles are more attracted to learning opportunities with measurable milestones and manager feedback. This represents the duty of companies to listen to their workers and design programs that meet their needs and promise to support them, even if it results in a career advancement. Training courses with no end in sight do little to increase employee retention.

Where to focus your learning efforts

Finding an employer willing to invest in your professional development is one thing; Choosing the area in which you want to expand your skills is another matter. The WEF Jobs Report has identified the top 10 work skills of tomorrow, while human resource development firm Zavvy has compiled a broader, more comprehensive list of Europe’s hottest skills.

Python, machine learning, and data management top the list as these skills work well with AI. Business also requires softer skills such as human resources and leadership, while technology has renewed focus on user experience and design and product.

In the near future, the ideal candidate for a job in technology will not only have technical skills, but also equally strong soft skills and a healthy growth mentality. Critical thinking and problem solving are considered top human skills.

Are you ready to find an employer with excellent retraining and upskilling programs? The House of Talent Job Board has thousands of job vacancies in companies that offer extensive learning and development opportunities like the three listed below.

Production Engineer (SRE), Third Republic, UK/remote

At Third Republic, the Senior DevOps Engineer is not only an expert in software engineering, but also in SRE, cloud, CI/CD and system design. Their main goals are to improve efficiency and strive for operational excellence. You’ll also ensure your team follows deployment, monitoring, availability, and service delivery best practices. In addition to a variety of employee incentives, Third Republic also runs its own boot camp for further training/qualification. Apply to House of Talent Jobs for this fully remote opportunity.

Senior Technical Program Manager/Scrum Master, Mastercard, Dublin

The Senior Technical Program Manager (Scrum Master) at Mastercard works closely with product owners, solution architects and development teams to deliver deliverables for the company’s fraud prevention platform. You will organize the processes leading to the building of best-in-class anti-fraud solutions and should have knowledge of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Agile Scrum and XP principles as well as relevant soft skills. Building a trusting, collaborative and transparent environment for the team is just as important as your technical skills. And if career advancement is your goal, employees are encouraged to satisfy their curiosity through industry-leading content from Mastercard’s Learning Academies and open new doors at Unlocked, an opportunity to make a difference and mentor. Apply now for this unique role on the House of Talent Jobs Board.

Lead SAP Developer for Industry X Accenture, Dresden

Accenture’s employee incentive portfolio includes access to extensive soft skills training and further qualification in accordance with the latest technology requirements. The company is now hiring a senior SAP developer for automated warehouse systems as part of a team specializing in SAP production and logistics. Your focus is on solution architecture and you will lead a Dresden-based development team to ensure excellent quality assurance. You should be able to communicate well in both German and English and be an expert in SAP/EWM. Apply now for this position at House of Talent Jobs.

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