US Secretary of Vitality Convoy Bins Out a Younger Household and Child • Watts Up With That?

h/t Dr. Willie Soon; Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm’s 4 day EV celebration road trip backfired, after the Sheriff was called by a young family desperate to get their baby home.

Electric cars have a road trip problem, even for the secretary of energy

September 10, 20236:00 AM ET

Granholm’s trip through the southeast, from Charlotte, N.C., to Memphis, Tenn., was intended to draw attention to the billions of dollars the White House is pouring into green energy and clean cars. The administration’s ambitious energy agenda, if successful, could significantly cut U.S. emissions and reshape Americans’ lives in fundamental ways, including by putting many more people in electric vehicles.

But between stops, Granholm’s entourage at times had to grapple with the limitations of the present. Like when her caravan of EVs — including a luxury Cadillac Lyriq, a hefty Ford F-150 and an affordable Bolt electric utility vehicle — was planning to fast-charge in Grovetown, a suburb of Augusta, Georgia.

Her advance team realized there weren’t going to be enough plugs to go around. One of the station’s four chargers was broken, and others were occupied. So an Energy Department staffer tried parking a nonelectric vehicle by one of those working chargers to reserve a spot for the approaching secretary of energy.

That did not go down well: a regular gas-powered car blocking the only free spot for a charger?

In fact, a family that was boxed out — on a sweltering day, with a baby in the vehicle — was so upset they decided to get the authorities involved: They called the police.

The sheriff’s office couldn’t do anything. It’s not illegal for a non-EV to claim a charging spot in Georgia. Energy Department staff scrambled to smooth over the situation, including sending other vehicles to slower chargers, until both the frustrated family and the secretary had room to charge.

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How heartless. Can any of you imagine keeping a young family and baby waiting in the sweltering heat? I can’t count the number of times when I waved mum and kids ahead at a supermarket checkout line, especially if the kids are in any kind of distress.

If only there was a way to recharge vehicles quickly. Then there would be no reason for people to get distressed and block each other while fighting over a handful of charging spots, they could just recharge their vehicle quickly and drive off, with minimal delay and inconvenience to other motorists.


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