Trey Mitchell units a stone over bar document in his occasion debut with the 2023 Rogue File Breakers

“Big Thicket” set the benchmark with a record that future competitors will be chasing.

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the last day of the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH, strength athletes competed in the Rogue Record Breakers series after the Arnold Strongman Classic concluded the previous day. The final competition focused solely on breaking records in special events rather than simply earning points to differentiate yourself from other athletes.

In his first appearance at a Rogue Record Breakers event Trey Mitchell set the Stone Over Bar record with a dominant five-rep performance. Participants were given two minutes to repeatedly lift a 460-pound (209-kilogram) rock without the help of Tacky to improve grip. Arnold Strongman Classic winner Mitchell Hooper, attempting the stone over bar before Mitchell, achieved a single rep.

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Mitchell’s record-breaking performance earned him a $5,000 prize – his second bonus award of the day after breaking his own forward hold record of 2022. During the forward hold, Mitchell again beat Hooper’s performance in the same event.

Trey Mitchell’s record-breaking feats of strength cap an otherwise successful weekend for the two-time Shaw Classic (2021, 2022) winner. Mitchell placed 4th at the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic, an improvement from his 7th place finish in the 2022 edition of the competition.

On day one of the Arnold Strongman Classic, Mitchell won the Austrian Oak Log Lift event. Mitchell showed phenomenal overhead pressing power, pulling up the 195-kilogram (430-pound) trunk for four reps. In a possible coincidence, Hooper again placed right behind Mitchell in the log lift event by completing only three reps with the same weight.

Whether the recurring pattern of beating Hooper was a fluke or a potential harbinger of the upcoming competitive season, it’s clear that Trey Mitchell looks set to head into the 2023 strongman season, poised to continue a strong performance.

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Watch the action again

It’s not too late to see the competitors in action again. Visit the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel to watch the strongman competitions. For the bodybuilding events at the Arnold Classic, fans can visit FanMio to buy the pay-per-view $59.99. It can be played on any Apple device, as well as Amazon’s Android TV, Google TV and Fire TV.

Featured image: Rogue Fitness / YouTube

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