This AI device makes use of ChatGPT to show your textual content into music playlists

A UK startup has used ChatGPT to develop a text-to-music playlist generator.

The AI ​​system is the brainchild of Upbeat, a Leeds-based audio platform. Aimed at content creators, the feature finds copyright-free titles for video soundtracks. Uppbeat claims it’s the first tool that lets people use their own language to find the songs they want.

“Generative AI music is fraught with copyright and general quality issues,” Upbeat CEO Lewis Foster said in a statement. “Our catalog is full of incredible artists and AI doesn’t matter. But we asked ourselves, “What if we could use AI to help creators find the perfect copyright-free music for their content?”

“That ‘what if?’ moment has grown into our groundbreaking AI playlist generator and I’m excited to share it with the world. We believe it will have a positive impact on the way creators use AI to voice their content. Try it!”

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To use the tool, just enter a description of your video, scene, music mood, or personality. The system then returns a custom playlist of games from Upbeat’s catalog of tracks.

Since the tool is currently available in a freemium version, we decided to give it a try.

The system can handle a variety of prompts. Photo credit: Upbeat

We asked for a playlist to match a scene: “A tech boss uses AI to take over the world.” Within seconds, the machine spat out a mix titled “Tech Takeover Tunes.”

We were impressed with the selection. Though it lacked big hits, it was a fitting soundtrack for a cyborg Musk making his way across the planet.

You can try the tool yourself on the Upbeat website.

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