The worth of this 3D printer simply dropped from $399 to $140

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Looking for something educational to get your kids through the upcoming summer? Or maybe you want to print out really special pieces for your hobby. It could be miniatures, a 3D printed table and so on. The sky is the limit, as they say. What you don’t want in any of these cases is an overly expensive solution to a very minor problem. Well, with this deal on the Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer, you can buy a 3D printer—yes, that futuristic technology they say is too expensive to touch—for just $140. It normally costs $399, but the generous folks at Monoprice have dropped the price by $259 for this special offer. Tap the button below to check it out for yourself and get our analysis below.

Why you should buy a Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer

The Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D printer was hailed by our reviewers upon release as the best 3D printer in its price range and an excellent entry-level choice. The software is intuitive to use and our reviewer was able to assemble the Monoprice Maker Select Plus and start printing a preloaded swan figure without spending any significant time. And if 3D printing scares you, which beginners often do, the intuitive touchscreen controls and beginner-friendly FDM printing style will come as a relief. The wide range of compatible print materials – including the base materials ABS and PLA, but also some rarer filaments – will also put your mind at ease. Feeding the beast will be easier and cheaper than you would ever expect.

Moving on to the more technical aspects, one of the biggest hurdles when purchasing a 3D printer is finding space to print. The Monoprice Maker Select Plus completely circumvents this problem and offers a relatively large build area (for its price) of 7.9″ x 7.9″ x 7.1″. The maximum resolution is in the tenths of a millimeter range and the positioning accuracy is around hundredths of a millimeter, which offers a fairly high resolution for the price. Depending on the setting, the Monoprice Maker Select Plus creates 70 mm of print material per second.

Are you ready to stop thinking and start printing? Grab your Monoprice Maker Select Plus today for only $140. That’s $259 off the typical $399 price point, which sounds near perfect to us. So just click the button below to start shopping. Fancy something cool, but 3D printing is now your forte? Try one of these awesome tech gifts instead!

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