The eco-terrorist’s restoration will probably be confirmed as BLM director – does that make sense?

Guest “That would make sense if it was the other BLM” by David Middleton

Does anyone remember the ecoterrorist organization Earth First! and their terrorist attacks in the 1980s?

DALE VAN ATTA March 5, 1990

George Alexander, a third generation factory worker, was just starting his shift at the Louisiana-Pacific log mill in Cloverdale, California when the life-changing log rolled down his conveyor belt to a high-speed saw he was working on.

It was May 1987 and Alexander was 23 years old. His job was to split tribes. He was nearly three feet away when the tree trunk hit his saw and the saw exploded. Half of the blade was stuck in the tree trunk. The other half hit Alexander in the head and tore through his hard hat and face shield. His face was slit from eye to chin. His teeth were shattered and his jaw cut in half.

Alexander had never heard of a sabotage tactic called tree spiking until he fell victim to “eco-terrorism”. Someone who objected to tree felling had a huge steel spike embedded in the tree trunk that severely blocked the saw.


“The purpose of tree tops is not to hurt anyone; it’s meant to prevent trees from being felled, ”said Dave Foreman, co-founder of Earth First, the most radical arm of the environmental movement.


Since it was founded in 1980, Earth First has lived by the slogan “No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth”. His followers are known to chain themselves to trees, lay down in front of bulldozers and destroy machines. Many Earth First supporters do not participate in the eco-sabotage, but the tactics advocated by the group have made them the target of the FBI investigation. Foreman awaits trial for conspiracy to demolish a utility pole.


The Washington Post

Well, unless Joe Manchin changes his mind, a former member of Earth First! becomes director of the Bureau of Land Management …


Manchin supports Stone-Manning as head of the Bureau of Land Management
Manchin plans to support Tracy Stone-Manning’s nomination to head the Bureau of Land Management, a spokesman confirmed on Monday.



Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) plans to support the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning as head of the Bureau of Land Management, a spokesman confirmed on Monday, an important boost for the candidate, who due to her connection to a strong resistance of the GOP is facing radical environmentalists in the 1980s.

Manchin’s support will likely ensure the energy committee he chairs will stall in its selection of Stone-Manning if it considers Thursday’s election. All 10 Republicans wrote a letter last week asking President Joe Biden to abandon their role in a tree top incident organized by members of Earth First! that was designed to stop deforestation in the forests of Montana.


Republicans have scolded her as an “eco-terrorist” claiming she lied to lawmakers by saying she did not believe she was ever the target of an investigation.

The now-retired federal investigator in the Baumspitzen case said in a letter last week that Stone-Manning exhibited “vulgar, antagonistic and extremely anti-government” behavior during the initial investigation in 1989 and that she knew she was a target in 1993 when she was with the prosecutor negotiated a cooperation agreement and testified against two men in the case.


Convicted Arborist: Stone-Manning knew plans in advance
Posted by Scott Streater, Jennifer Yachnin | 07/15/2021

A convicted felon and a former Forest Service investigator contradict Tracy Stone-Manning’s account of their role in a tree top incident in Idaho in the 1980s, which was at the center of her nomination to head the Bureau of Land Management.


Stone-Manning, along with two other men who helped Blount, Fairchild and LaCrosse cut the trees, would later agree to testify against Blount and Fairchild in exchange for legal immunity.

E&E News Greenwire


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