The British authorities’s local weather zar is breaking the Covid quarantines, flights to six international locations on the purple checklist – watts with that?

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

h / t William L – rules are only for the little people? In a breathtaking act of COP26 Covid hypocrisy, Bojos Klimazar Alok Sharma had a flight schedule that completely mocked travel restrictions and potentially put British life at risk.

Klimazar criticized the government for avoiding quarantine

Alok Sharma has criticized him for avoiding quarantine on his return from a number of Red List countries.

The government’s climate bazaar has traveled tens of thousands of miles in the past seven months to do business before the Cop26 summit, however Due to a ministerial exemption, he did not have to quarantine hotels after staying in at least six countries on the Red List.

However, Downing Street tried to defend the Cop26 president’s international travel, saying: It was within the rules that he could avoid quarantine on his return to the UK.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “As Cop26 President, Alok Sharma is holding climate negotiations with countries, including major emitters, to reduce emissions and ensure ambitious action ahead of the Cop26 summit.

“Most of this work is done remotely, but some trips to key countries for face-to-face meetings are essential.”

The spokesman added: “Ministers who make such important trips are exempt from quarantineas stipulated in the rules. “

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I wonder which climate negotiations are so sensitive that they cannot be held by conference call.

If the BoJo government is so willing to disregard the Covid rules when it suits them, then what mess will the Glasgow Covid26 event itself be?

Would you like to shake hands with Alok if you met him after his quick series of visits to all of these high risk countries? Or breathe the same air as his advisors?

And what does it say to families who were denied the last visit to relatives when special people like Alok Sharma don’t even have to adhere to quarantine rules?

The physical COP26 event should be canceled or at least revised as an online event.

And for God’s sake someone please explain to Alok Sharma how teleconferencing works so he doesn’t have to keep apologizing for why he and his advisors have to expose everyone in the UK and the countries he visits to new strains of Covid from Red List countries.

Or maybe Alok Sharma could clarify why some sensitive COP26 climate negotiations need to be conducted in person.

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