See Dr. Willie quickly surgically destroys local weather change Forest hearth alarms – Watts with that?

See Dr. Willie soon surgically destroys climate change Forest fire alarms – Watts with that? Skip to content Dr. Willie Soon Shredding Wildfire Alarmism. Source Youtube.

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

Video from Dr. Willie Soon at his best, erasing the absurd climate-related forest fire narrative under the weight of the evidence he presents.

One of the most shocking slides in Dr. Soon’s video was an environmental and climate activist convicted of willful arson in court.

As an Australian, I am very aware that screaming alarmists like the BBC in the UK and CNN in the US painted an extremely sensational picture of the impact of the 2019-20 fires on Australia. I had friends in the UK who contacted me to ask if I was okay.

Dr. Watching Soon them tear apart their flimsy exaggerated claims is like a breath of fresh air.

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