Russel Orhii information a 337.5-kilogram (744-pound) squat double PR

On April 25, 2023, Russel Orhii shared an Instagram training clip of himself Capture a 337.5-kilogram (744-pound) raw back squat for two reps. According to a floating caption in the video, the power performance is a personal record (PR) for the elite competitor. This elevator sees Orhii Adding 8.61 kilograms (19 pounds) to a Raw Squat Double PR from the end of March 2023.

The athlete wore knee wraps, a lifting belt and used wrist wraps to help him finish this massive squat milestone.

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The other important part of Orhii’s elevator signature is that he states that his “next meeting is going to be crazy.” At the time of writing, Orhii has not made it clear when this sanctioned competition will take place, or that he is even training for any specific competition.

According to his Open Powerlifting page, Orhii’s last meeting was the 2022 Korea Winter Showdown of USA Powerlifting (USAPL). The athlete took home a first place finish in his very first appearance as a 90-kilogram competitor in his long career. Orhii’s combined weight of 885.2 kilograms (1,951.6 pounds) was not only his best competition of all time, but also the highest of any powerlifter in competition for calendar year 2022.

He also achieved all-time competitive bench press (195 kg/429.9 lbs), deadlift (350 kg/771.6 lbs) and squat (340 kg/749.5 lbs).

Orhii is on a seven-event win streak and hasn’t fallen short of first place since his second place finish at the 2018 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships. The Sterling powerlifter is a two-time International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Champion (2019, 2021) in the 83-kilogram division. Orhii has been competing as a powerlifter on approved lifts since November 2015 when he debuted as a junior athlete.

Whenever Orhii heads out on his “next meetup,” it seems perfectly clear that he’ll be prepared for whatever obstacles come his way. At least if you look at his Instagram training clips.

In the past few weeks, Orhii has easily completed a 347 kg (765 lb) raw deadlift, as well as a 306.1 kg (675 lb) three-rep squat and 160.1 kg (353 lb) 8-rep bench press. with from mid-April 2023.

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Orhii is not one to be shy about his lifts and competitions. His precedent suggests he goes full steam ahead whenever applicable. For this powerlifting superstar, another resounding feat in his next powerlifting contest might as well be penned down.

Featured image: @russwole on Instagram

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