Robust demand for jackets… Northern Europe has seen little or no midsummer warming within the final 20 years – watts with that?

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Has anyone ever wondered why many Swedes like to go south during their summer holidays?

To answer this question, let’s look today at the average temperature data for July 2021 for the stations in Northern Europe for which the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has enough data.

Remember that global warming is most visible in the northern and arctic regions, so northern Europe should show signs of warming in places like Scandinavia over the past two decades. But that is not the case.

All of the data listed below is from the Japan Meteorological Agency.


First, let’s look at the average July temperatures at 6 stations in Sweden, the home of Greta Thunberg, a teenager who is alerting global warming:

Since July 1997, three out of six stations have shown no warming. Overall, midsummer in Sweden shows nothing unusual in terms of average temperature.


The JMA has sufficient data for meaningful plots for 11 stations in Norway, Greta Thunberg’s western neighbor, which lies next to the northern Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean:

Again, we don’t see anything unusual, except that it doesn’t get warm as predicted.

Six out of eleven stations in Norway in 2021 did not experience any warming in July, which dates back 20 years. There is no need to panic. Incidentally, panic lets them control the population. By not panicking, you are causing the alarmists to panic because they are losing their panic-based power.


In tabular form of the data from the 6 stations, for which the JMA has sufficient data for meaningful diagrams, Finland has not experienced any significant warming in midsummer for almost a quarter of a century:

Four out of six stations in Finland show a cooling or no significant warming in July. Overall, there should actually be a slight cooling in July.

As readers will find, the average July temperatures across Northern Europe are typically low in their teens, which means Greta can expect to have warm clothes on hand all year round – for the rest of her life.


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