Rhianon Lovelace units U64 Atlas Stone world file of 146.eight kilograms (324 kilos).

Lovelace continues to show that she is a conscious record-breaking machine.

It’s not even two months since 2023, but here’s Rhianon Lovelace as she continues to push the boundaries of what we think is possible in a strong woman. Having already set the U64 axle press world record of 101 kilograms (222.6 pounds) during the 2023 Kaos New Year Push/Pull 2023 competition in January, Lovelace is getting back to her old tricks. That means she uses her Herculean strength to lift incredible weights and rewrite the record books.

On February 18, 2023, Lovelace finished during the 2023 Log Lift for Life Invitational in Tamworth, UK 146.8 kilograms (323.6 pounds) Atlas Stone elevator. According to the caption of her Instagram post of the feat, it’s a All-time world record in the U64 weight class (64 kilograms).. Lovelace wore a sling, forearm pads and knee pads for support during the record lifting.

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Lovelace kept her reflection on her new acquisition short and sweet. That’s probably because the athlete understands that because of her intense training and dedication, there’s likely only more to come.

“Warm-ups were flying, I knew early on we were having a good day!” Lovelace wrote. “Only 49 days in 2023 and we’ve already set two world records and my best lift is yet to come! Buckle up. Because this year is going to be big.”

To cap a productive weekend, Lovelace moved to the 2023 OLO Pro Invitational where she made the running during a winning all-around performance Strict barbell curl heavyweight world record of 55 kilograms (121.3 pounds).

Not to be outdone, Lovelace shouted out the charity money raised by the all-brief event, which appears to have exceeded the $1,000 equivalent and will go directly to men’s mental health awareness. She attributed 100% to CA Promotions, which was originally founded by coach Stig Parker. According to the organization’s website, she is committed to safety, inclusivity, and equal advancement for strong men and strong women.

“Kudos to the hard work of [100% C.A. Promotions] for raising almost £1000 [$1204.28] for the Men’s Mental Health Charity!” Lovelace wrote. “And for his [Parker] We went out of our way on such a great day, making sure we all have everything we need and making sure that the safety of all athletes is our absolute top priority!”

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What lies ahead for Lovelace in the competition is unclear. Anything is possible for an athlete who seems ready to face whatever challenges and obstacles come their way. The only ideal that might be apparent is that their great performances should probably stop surprising the strong person world.

Featured image: @rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength on Instagram

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