Ready for the local weather emergency to be declared • Are you completed with that?

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From the “Oh they would never do that” department, we see a couple of emails written by Energy Policy Advocates the other night in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation.

There’s nothing like preparing well in advance to declare a (checks notes) “climate emergency.” Hey, you can never be too prepared! Even more amusing – on a more somber, 2020s-style note – is the idea of ​​a proposal for a “climate emergency initiative”. And apparently a really good one. Strange that this didn’t come up in Mr. Goffman’s lengthy, still imperfect, confirmation process…

GAO can only wonder what they think it is. Which new paper, which lawsuit, which film release, which loss in court, which UN Conference of the Parties/political need will necessitate the discovery of a “climate emergency” that we – fear not – happen to have prepared an initiative for…


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