Proof for RVP in Florida – OK?


By Paul Homewood

I recently came across this paper from 2012:

It suggests that at certain times during RVP, both winters and summers were warmer than they are now in Florida.

But what is really interesting is her comment on falling sea levels at the vandal minimum transition.

HH Lamb firmly believed that during this time, the Dark Ages, sea levels fell after rising perhaps a meter during the RWP, a rate of rise similar to that of today. After the fall, the seas began to rise again during the MWP.

HH Lamb: Climate, History & the Modern World

Some modern studies, like this one that I debunked last month, claim these variations did not exist and simply assume that the rate of increase was unchanged before the 20th century. These are usually based on extremely limited data. The evidence alone from glaciers from colder eras such as the Middle Ages and the Little Ice Age shows that such conclusions are worthless.

The work of experts like Sylvia Hallam has been ignored in favor of computer modeling and global warming theory. It’s good to see another study that favors real hard data.


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