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As I said before, it is our duty to stand up against the wild claims of rampant climate alarmism that permeate the media, social and other spheres. Here’s an example of what you do: You write a counter-argument in a letter to the editor. I urge readers to do the same when faced with unfounded, frightening claims.

My letter to the editor of July 13, 2023:

Letter: Sifting through a lot of hot air

This is a reply to Michael Bertsch who wrote:

“July 4th was the hottest day in human history. …and if science proves you wrong, you’re still denying the heat record’s link to oil — that position is hard as brick. we laugh at you We all laugh at you.”

This shows Michael’s “deep” knowledge of the situation. This claim of July 4th is wrong. It came from a website called, which used model data not actual temperatures, and was picked up by unsuspecting social media fools, which went viral, followed by media that didn’t bother to acknowledge it check over. Just two problems: It wasn’t an official temperature. In a July 5 Associated Press report, NOAA distanced itself:

“NOAA, whose numbers are considered the gold standard for climate data, said in a statement Thursday that it could not validate the unofficial numbers. It found that the reanalyzer used model output data, which it described as “unsuitable” as a substitute for actual temperatures and climate records.”

And then there’s the fact that the model only goes back to 1979, not “human history.”


The “excess heat” that sparked the social media panic came from the waters off Antarctica, where a computer model error appears to have made it appear as if shrimp were cooking in the sea. Meanwhile, as you know from real measurements, the actual temperature of the earth is 57.47°F at the time of this writing. That’s not “hot”.

I’m laughing at you Michael, in fact we all laugh at you.

Full information and references can be found here:

Anthony Watts

Here’s the Associated Press story:

Here’s the graphic that started the panic on social media. Notice the small rise in the middle to 17°C. Note that only 1979 data is available.

I’m pretty sure there were heat waves before 1979, like the big one in July 1936. So much for Michael’s claim of the “warmest day in human history.”

Here’s the big “heat source” that caused the panic – an apparent error (or short-term outlier anomaly) in the model output that made the waters off Antarctica appear to be boiling hot and resulted in this spurious rise of 17°C when “averaging” across the globe.

dr Ryan Maue is taking to Twitter to try to put out the fake fire on social media. It’s not even a current climate model, around 2009/2011:

The global temperature at the time of this writing:

For source/info see:

Like this:

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