offshore wind anybody? NATO Claims Russia MINIVED Underwater Pipes and Cables – Watts?

Essay by Eric Worrall

NATO claims Russia has already planted explosive charges ready to detonate when the Kremlin gives the go-ahead.

NATO fears Russia may have planted mines on critical European underwater infrastructure points

PUBLISHED: 06:15 CEST, May 4, 2023 | UPDATED: 08:55 CEST, May 5, 2023

Russia may already have mined Europe’s critical underwater infrastructure, NATO officials fear, as its intelligence chief warned on Wednesday that Russia could sabotage them to punish Western nations for supporting Ukraine.

Following attacks on the Nord Stream pipeline in September last year, which damaged three of the four main pipelines carrying gas from Russia to Germany, the alliance wants to step up efforts to protect underwater pipes and cables.

Threats to submarine cables and pipelines have come into the public eye since the unexplained explosions paralyzed the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

The alliance is so concerned about the threat of a power disruption that in February it created the Critical Underwater Infrastructure Coordination Cell, which is trying to monitor Russian espionage under the command of Generalleutnant Hans-Werner Wiermann, a retired German military officer.

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The only question: would Russia dismantle submarine cables to offshore wind farms, or would it stick with dismantling useful energy infrastructure like undersea gas pipelines? Maybe they plan to leave the underwater wind alone to get western nations to opt for more renewable energy.

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