New York Senator is taking legislative motion to halt ‘transition’ till a fossil-fuel substitute is recognized. • Are you finished with that?

Today the only supply chain for parts and components for wind turbines and solar panels is made with fossil fuels!

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Ronald Stein is an engineer, senior policy adviser on energy literacy at the Heartland Institute and CFACT, and co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book Clean Energy Exploitations.

In May 2023, New York Senator George Borrello introduced legislation banning the use of fossil fuels in the manufacture of renewable energy devices. Obviously the senator is aware of the reality that all parts and components for wind turbines and solar panels are made from oil derivatives that are made from crude oil! So if we rid the world of oil, wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicle batteries will disappear!

  • Senator Borrello stated, “In order to produce and install renewable energy sources at the scale needed to power our entire state, the environmental burdens of coal power, diesel fuel, and rare earth metal mining will be high and in conflict with the stated goals of those driving the climate agenda,” said Senator Borrello. “If they truly believe that fossil fuels must be phased out, then the state (New York) should not fund the proliferation of structures that produce, transport, and install significant emissions.”
  • “Those blindly calling for New York to speed up the transition to renewable energy are playing a political shell game that comes at a great cost to our environment. “This legislation would stop further damage while we wait for renewable technologies that can be made sustainably, ethically and in collaboration with the goal of truly protecting our environment,” he concluded.

New York Senator Borrello’s legislation sums up the reality that world leaders do not know enough to know that renewable energy only produces electricity. At this time, New York has no plans to replace what is now made from the fossil fuels that feed the eight billion people on this planet!

It’s time to conclude that wind and solar alone represent an investment hole for occasionally unreliable power generation. Such investments are unsustainable and cannot support a modern economy, as electricity alone is no substitute for the more than 6,000 products made from petroleum derivatives made from crude oil that did not exist and were responsible for 200 years ago The world population has grown from 1 to 8 billion in less than 200 years.

In the bill, Borrello cites the “inherent environmental and ethical conflict” that arises from using emission-producing energy sources to produce “green” energy sources such as wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars. “Currently, the products cited as the solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions are manufactured, distributed and installed using fossil fuels. Coal is burned to forge steel for the foundations, towers and blades of wind turbines. Diesel-powered heavy equipment transports components, clears construction sites, digs foundations and erects the structures,” he said. “Solar panels require rare earth extraction and rely on coal as the primary energy source for the manufacturing process.”

Today, world leaders have NO plan to replace the supply chain of products made from the oil derivatives made from crude oil that did not exist two hundred years ago. The same products caused the world population to grow from one billion to eight billion in less than two hundred years and are still in demand by mankind today.

A one-minute video produced by Epoch Times is short, educational and entertaining as it addresses the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. The video is about renewable energies that only generate electricity but produce nothing for society. The video has already been viewed by more than 800,000 people on social media!

After watching the video, world leaders will better understand Senator Borrello’s legislation. Environmentalists want to rid the world of fossil fuel emissions, but have no plans to find a replacement for the oil derivatives that form the basis of more than 6,000 products and all fuel for the 50,000 merchant ships, 50,000 airplanes, military and space programs that make up the eight Support billions on this planet!

Enjoy and share this educational and entertaining 1-minute video along with New York Senator Borrello’s legislative action.

It’s time to focus on finding the fossil fuel substitutes that can support the product and fuel supply chain to keep the 8 billion people alive and well on this planet, and more subsidies, tax credits and investments in wind turbine and solar panel technologies for the transition to unreliable intermittent electricity generation.

Ronald Stein, PE

Ambassador for energy and infrastructure

Energy literacy website

Wikipedia page by Ronald Stein (energy consultant).


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