Merchants in most popular Made in USA shares

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Dollar General looks best for Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management.

“The dollar store concept not only survived the retail apocalypse, it thrived in it. The entire sector is expected to grow well into the future, but Dollar General is expected to grow 20% annually, “Schlossberg said on Friday.

He adds that as inflation rises, Dollar General and other dollar stores could become more attractive to consumers.

“Dollar General seems like a very, very strong secular growth story. It’s an expensive stock, but for good reason. And if you have an 18-24 month timeframe, I think you’ll be very well served.” because I think there is only further growth in this sector under this name, “said Schlossberg.

Craig Johnson, Senior Marketing Technician at Piper Sandler, searches the home builders for his choice.

“I have to go with the American dream – home ownership,” Johnson said during the same segment. “Look at the chart from DR Horton … Here’s a stock that has done very well this year so far. It outperformed the S&P by about double.”

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“Now it looks like the stock is starting to consolidate. We broke the short-term support line of the uptrend here from last year’s lows and now we are only consolidating sideways, ”he said.

Johnson sees the potential for the stock to climb back to old highs of around $ 107, up about 15%. The downside would be to fall back to about 5% from recent lows.

“We have about a three-for-one risk reward here,” he said.

DR Horton closed at $ 92.36 per share on Friday.

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