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Marc Morano: Biden will bring the US to its knees on the climate agenda with China

The author of “Green Fraud” discusses the left’s urge to ignore human rights abuses and whether Biden will give in


Well these activists, and by the way, make no mistake, Biden is going to give in on this, right now the White House is posing as hawks they are not going to give up, but essentially the earth is facing such a climate disaster that it is playing it doesn’t matter what China does. It doesn’t matter what China does about human rights abuses and any other policy, it just matters that we save the planet. So in this way we will completely bring the United States to its knees by further shutting down our energy and then handing it over to China, which incidentally is building the equivalent of one new coal-fired power plant per week, while America is building our energy. This is nonsense, but with it American foreign policy will pause the Sunrise movement and involve union scientists heavily. In the end, they’ll get an oral or written concession from China to do better, and they’ll say, well, we held out, and then they’ll pull the US through on this climate agenda with China and get the US down on its knees.

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