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By Robert Bradley Jr. August 19, 2021

“Hence the CLC’s decision to ‘suspend’ ExxonMobil. Why didn’t they drive them away once and for all? Obviously, the CLC hopes that ExxonMobil will scramble to support the “climate crisis” narrative and the need for climate policy to make energy more expensive, and then – above all – write a big check to the CLC as an exercise in the only kind of penance which is applauded by the political left. “

“ExxonMobil and many others in the fossil fuel sector are so bad at the ideological battle that they remain convinced that an attitude of ‘me too, but less’ is politically viable.”

– Benjamin, Zycher, “The Climate Leadership Council ‘Suspends’ ExxonMobil.” 08/16/2021.

Unlimited money has spawned a number of questionable groups claiming to be “bipartisan,” “conservative,” or “republican”. The Climate Leadership Council (founded in 2017) has bought up some big Republican names (George Shultz, James Baker) and recruited defensive companies to impose a carbon tax in which “all” Americans receive “dividend payments” in order to ” income neutral ”.

It doesn’t matter if the government promises to give back with one hand what it takes from the other … per dollar … per person, per period. Not to mention the international trade war through “border adjustments” that come with the tax.

The idea is to get the climate policy train going and fill in the gaps or endure the pushback later. Create a new normal, a new baseline to snap up from. All of this is part of what Milton Friedman called “the tyranny of the status quo”.

Step into ExxonMobil, a company that has gotten into an open secret (below): trying to be what it isn’t. ExxonMobil is an oil and gas company, seven days a week, every week of the year. Nevertheless, it tries to “manage” the CO2 reduction policy as if its actions would cause a climate difference or if its vehement critics were dismissed.

And for this debacle, the Climate Leadership Council “removed” its founding sponsor, on which Benjamin Zycher from the American Enterprise Institute comments.

Exxon Mobil Climate Strategy

In a covert stab operation, a Greenpeace agent received replies from Keith McCoy, ExxonMobil’s executive director of government affairs. Here is his main answer, which was as honest and accurate as possible.

Nobody is going to propose one [carbon] Taxes on all Americans. And the cynical side of me says, yeah, we kind of know that. But it gives us something to talk about so we can say, “Well, what does Exxon Mobil mean? [stand?] because we are in favor of a CO2 tax. “… [A] CO2 tax won’t happen.

In response, the Climate Leadership Council (CLC) sold the bipartisan climate solution “to” cut US CO2 emissions in half by 2035 while investing all Americans in a clean energy future, “suspended Exxon Mobil as a member!

Zycher weighs in

Straight shooter, fast-track economics graduate Benjamin Zycher couldn’t resist the irony of it all, starting with the two-faced, counter-capitalist Exxon Mobil.

His recently cited article in the National Review Online “The Climate Leadership Council ‘Suspends’ ExxonMobil” should be read in full. Zycher laments the demise of the once famous company from John D. Rockefeller to Lee Raymond. He imagines what a strong company would have said to the CLC and otherwise begin with a U-turn (see Appendix).

But that story doesn’t quite end here. It turns out that in light of Zycher’s analysis, CLC did a little airbrushing of its own. He reported to a listing service:

In the second paragraph of the Exxon column, I had a link to the original WSJ ad listing EM as a “Founding Member” of the CLC. (“……… one of the founding members of the CLC in June 2017.”) I didn’t look at this ad / link more than three days ago. So guess what’s gone? That’s right: This link now leads to a page that says: “Not found – Sorry, but the page you tried to view does not exist.” …

Fortunately, the memory of the internet is long and the ad is here. But how long? Who knew the CLC reads NGOs?

Appendix: What ExxonMobil Should Have Said

Darren Woods, ExxonMobil CEO, could have experienced a Lee Raymond moment after the Greenpeace hacker. “Individual comments in no way represent the company’s position on a wide variety of topics,” he said. “Including climate policy and our firm commitment that carbon pricing is important to addressing climate change.”

But what should ExxonMobil have said to be honest and principled? Benjamin Zycher gave this in his NGO article.

CLC doesn’t have to suspend us; we step out of the CLC enthusiastically, with effect one hour before the aforementioned suspension. We felt it was a huge mistake to have previously joined as a charter member, despite the CLC’s efforts to rewrite history. Despite the blatant efforts of the CLC now to get us to write them a grand check and advocate destructive policies for them to pretend to respect us again, under no circumstances will we rejoin. We have learned in the last four years what we should have understood from the start: Like all climate leftists, the CLC is fundamentally dishonest, a premise that we want to support in detail, about the science of climate change, about the evidence about climate phenomena and about the implications of the CLC’s policy proposals.

Fossil fuels have served to lift billions of people out of overwhelming poverty, have saved countless lives, provided the input for countless products without which life would be lonely, poor, evil, brutal and short, and contributed to the enormous Asset growth that enables huge social investments in improving the environment. The ideological crusade against fossil fuels, now disguised as an attempt to save the planet from a “climate crisis”, is fundamentally misanthropic and ExxonMobil will from now on proudly oppose such an imperative. We will defend ourselves, fossil fuel production and capitalism without hesitation, without compromise and without apology. We urge other members of our industry to join us in a renewed pursuit of truth and analytical rigor.

Bravo! … Maybe Alex Epstein can take it over from here.


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