Local weather extremists devastate a historic Roman monument – so extra watts?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Another pathetic green attack on western heritage, this time a fountain in Rome built in the late 17th century.

Last generation, charcoal thrown in the fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona: “Future as black as water”

by Esther Palma

coal in Fountain of the Four Rivers In Piazza Navona: last generation returns to attack the Roman artistic legacy. Featuring 15 four activists associated with the ‘Let’s not pay for the fossil’ campaign sponsored by the Attack environmental group. After the car blockades on the Gra and the naked and chained demonstration in Via del Tritone, the activists poured vegetable charcoal diluted with water on the precious baroque work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini to “sound the alarm about the black future”. awaits humanity and which is already manifesting itself in increasingly frequent droughts and floods”. In the evening the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano went to Piazza Navona: “I carried out an inspection to check the state of the Fountain of the Four Rivers, affected by an action by the today eco vandals‘.

Read more: https://roma.corriere.it/notizie/cronaca/23_maggio_06/ultima-generazione-nella-fontana-dei-quattro-fiumi-in-piazza-navona-gettato-carbone-vegetale-futuro-nero- come-l-acqua-3470063c-4811-4d67-b11b-30135335dxlk.shtml

This story reminds me of a horrifying story I once heard about a western tourist who was raped in New Guinea. The attackers cut off one of her fingers, so that every time she looked at her hand, she remembered the snarling faces of her attackers, their cruelty, and their mockery of their distress and pain.

These eco-vandals wanted to permanently mark a piece of our precious heritage, just like the rapists wanted to mark this poor woman’s body.

To be fair, the eco-vandals weren’t trying to hurt anyone, but that need to make a mark, to leave a lasting scar, seems disturbingly similar.

I doubt that these extreme acts of vandalism will increase sympathy for climate protection.


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