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Have we all just entered a parallel universe where mainstream media publishes articles which make sense?

Climate Change Hurts The Poor: But Not The Way You Think It Does

Tilak Doshi
Oct 26, 2023,03:49pm EDT

It would seem straightforward that resolving the “climate change” problem would serve the poor the most, given that they are the hardest hit. But, by a tragic turn of irony, moves to “fight climate change” are precisely what is hurting the poor most. It is not “climate change” but the policies adopted in response to it that are the problem afflicting the poor the most.

Most of us who take affordable electricity ‘24/7’ supply for granted are unaware of the existential constraint on people’s daily lives that a lack of electricity implies. This was brought home brilliantly by Geoff Hill at a talk in House of Lords in Westminster on Monday. Geoff is Africa correspondent for The Washington Times, the first non-American John Steinbeck Award winner and has published with the Mail & Guardian(Johannesburg), The East African (Nairobi) and across the African continent.

This leads us to the third striking feature of the climate finance data collated by CPI. Within the 92% of the $640 billion spent on climate finance directed to climate mitigation in 2020 (as opposed to the 8% spent on adaptation), 91% (or $536 billion) was spent on solar and wind power. Yet no country in the world has developed without the dense energy available from fossil fuels. Asking Africans to leave their fossil fuels resources in the ground in return for “climate finance” from Western governments and multilateral agencies to invest on unreliable solar and wind power is plainly unworkable. Dilute, unreliable and intermittent power from the wind and the sun will not meet the continent’s quest for higher standards of living, to save the forests and to have clean water to drink.

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tilakdoshi/2023/10/26/climate-change-hurts-the-poor-but-not-the-way-you-think-it-does/

Well said Tilak Doshi.

The “Geoff” referred to is Zimbabwean writer Geoff Hill, who Net Zero Watch reports spoke to the British House of Lords about how lack of reliable energy is leading Africa to burn their forests. Just like Europe almost destroyed their forests, before the large scale exploitation of coal.

Net Zero Watch also provides two documents, Paper 1: Africa’s burning issue: charcoal and the loss of forest (pdf) and Paper 2: Clean water for Africa: A dream whose time has come (pdf).

I don’t have a link to Geoff’s speech, if anyone has a link please post it in comments.

I really hope this Forbes article is more than a one off glimmer of sanity. If mainstream media news outlets were to start consistently acting like real journalists again, investigating and discussing real world problems caused by climate policy, instead of uncritically cheering on every ridiculous green idea which crosses their desk for the sake of the cause, the world would rapidly become a much better place.


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