Jen Thompson bench press 147.four kilograms (325 kilos), 2.25 instances her physique weight

Thompson’s latest lift seems to be reaching new heights.

Most familiar with Jen Thompson’s exploits in both the gym and lift know that she’s usually primed for greatness. In a career spanning nearly a quarter of a century, Thompson has typically found himself high on the podium. In recent years, the athlete seems to have more first place finishes than ever before. For example, between her last 16 competitive appearances since June 2021 — which have sometimes featured cameos in different weight classes — Thompson has only come up short three times. If one of her latest feats with a barbell indicates anything, the powerlifter seems inevitably due for size up.

On February 7, 2022, Thompson shared an Instagram video of himself Capturing a 300 lb bench press during a training session. According to a caption in the video itself, Thompson completed the press while weighing 144 pounds, which for context meant the elevator was 2.25 times their body weight. Such a bodyweight would also equate to the 150-pound division, Thompson’s usual newer category as a United States Powerlifting (USAPL) competitor. Thompson completed the lift with wrist wraps and no other supportive equipment.

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Thompson’s lift in her bodyweight might have been more notable considering what it means for her potential competitive aspirations.

This Thompson bench press is just a kilogram (2.4 pounds) away from her best-ever competition. Thompson achieved the highest American record press of 148.5 kilograms (327.4 pounds) at the 2022 USAPL Carolina primetime competition with a third-place finish in the 75-kilogram weight class.

After noticing the ease with which Thompson completes this press, it seems likely that soon she will contribute only to her best. According to the post’s caption, Thompson plans to compete March 2-5 at the Arnold Sports Festival, where she appears to have the potential to break her own record.

As for official records, Thompson holds the world bench press record in both the 120 pound and 150 pound categories. Thompson pressed 136.9 kilograms (300.9 pounds) to hit the 60 kilogram mark in the 2012 North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Raw Challenge. Meanwhile, the athlete hit a 370-pound bench press for the 140-pound record. On an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) scale, Thompson holds the IPF world record of 144 kilograms (317.4 pounds) in the IPF 69 kilogram weight classes. She achieved this record amid a second place finish at the 2017 IPF Reykjavík International Games.

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Consistent with the course of their recent competitive activity, 2023 could be another notable year for Thompson. If the athlete is already giving not-so-subtle hints as to what she’s capable of in the gym, another record could soon be added to her resume.

Featured image: @jenthompson132 on Instagram

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