Incomes lower than $30,000 is a “deal breaker” for courting

According to a recent survey of 1,000 adults by Western & Southern Financial Group, a third of couples don’t talk about finances until after marriage.

This is especially alarming as it turns out people have financial deal breakers when it comes to seeing someone as a potential partner.

When asked what debt or how low a salary would make a potential partner unattractive, survey respondents had some surprising answers. Here are two financial deal breakers, according to the study.

Salary Deal Breaker: Less than $29,878

This is well below the median annual salary in the United States, which is $37,522 according to 2021 US Census Bureau data.

Salary was the top financial attribute respondents wish they had discussed with their partners sooner.

More than a quarter, 27.2% of those surveyed said they only talk about salaries after marriage. And 18.7% said they discussed salaries after getting engaged.

Student Loan Debt Deal Breaker: More Than $28,076

That’s below the average amount of student loan debt someone with a bachelor’s degree has, which is $37,574, according to data from the Education Data Initiative.

Men are slightly more tolerant of debt than women, the survey showed. For men, $31,179 was a deal that broke the debt. For women, it was $22,901.

Personal loans and credit card debt were also a source of dating friction, according to the survey.

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