GM’s Chevy Bolts Recall Will Value $ 1.eight Billion – Watts That?

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By Paul Homewood

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GM’s Chevy Bolts recall costs $ 1.8 billion

The recall and others raise questions about lithium-ion batteries, which are now used in almost all electric vehicles. Ford, BMW and Hyundai recently recalled all batteries.

President Joe Biden will need electric vehicles to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by mid-2030 as part of a wider effort to combat climate change.

The GM recall announced on Friday adds about 73,000 screws from model years 2019 to 2022 to an earlier recall of 69,000 older screws.

GM said that on rare occasions, the batteries have two manufacturing defects that can cause fires.

The Detroit-based automaker said it will replace battery modules in all vehicles. In older versions, all five modules are replaced.

The most recent recall will cost the company approximately $ 1 billion, bringing the total cost of the Bolt battery recalls to $ 1.8 billion.

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