G7 local weather talks “to indicate that democracy can ship” – Watts with the?

Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

Democracy in court? When Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives at the G7 with an electoral mandate to export coal as soon as possible, an unnamed Biden official appears to be designing the talks as a test of democracy’s performance in relation to Biden’s climate and Covid ambitions.

Scott Morrison says pandemic and climate change will be key issues for Australia when G7 leaders meet

Australia’s Prime Minister has arrived in the UK for the G7 plus dialogue that will focus on Boris Johnson’s plan to “vaccinate the world”, climate change and peace in the Indo-Pacific.

“The G7 plus is not about a club, it is about creating a world that promotes freedom and an inclusive world order that ensures that all countries can get involved and trade with one another – and all countries can do so without coercion do and do so in accordance with their sovereign affairs. “

The Club of Leading Economies – UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States – says a common approach is the world’s best chance to recover from the global health crisis and tackle climate change.

President Joe Biden has set the tone and given up Donald Trump’s isolationist stance to send a message of G7 and NATO determination against both Beijing and Moscow as he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week in Geneva for his first meeting goes.

The driving motivating purpose of this G7 summit is to show that democracy can meet the greatest challenges we face in the world“Said a senior US government official.

“If the G7 leaders were best to donate a billion doses of vaccine, this summit would have been a failure,” said Oxfam, insisting that the world needs 11 billion doses.

Read more: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/scott-morrison-says-pandemic-and-climate-change-are-key-issues-for-australia-as-g7-leaders-meet

I wonder what the plan is if democracy “fails” the test.

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