Financially Distressed Canadians Ought to Prioritise Local weather Change – Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

According to Windsor Star reporter Nicholas Read, people struggling to house and feed themselves should remember to give some attention to climate change.

Guest column: Improved housing, affordability require habitable planet

Opinion: Caring and doing something about climate change are no longer options for anyone — even to people who legitimately have so much else to worry about.

Published Jan 19, 2024 
By: Nicholas Read

When pollsters ask the public what their top political priorities are, respondents rarely mention what is unquestionably the most pressing priority of the day: climate change.

A Leger poll from late last year showed that the issues concerning Canadians most are inflation (33 per cent chose this as the top issue), housing (16 per cent), and rising interest rates (eight per cent).

But what these voters fail to take into account is that without a habitable planet, improved housing and affordability are moot because they both depend on a healthy world. In the same poll, seven per cent of those surveyed listed climate change as the top issue facing the country.

This failure to connect the dots is infuriating, but also understandable. Put simply, if you’re worried about how to feed your family for the rest of the week, the plight of the polar bear isn’t something you are going to lose sleep over.

Maybe the truth is just too scary to face. In which case we’re in even more more trouble than I realized.

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The author claims Quebec is the exception, that people in Quebec care about climate change even when they are in financial trouble. Is this true?

Otherwise I believe what we are seeing once again is the self limiting nature of climate action. Climate concern is a luxury for the financially comfortable. As soon as climate policies stuff up the economy, people focus on real issues.

The author also suggests people might be ignoring climate change because “the truth is too scary to face”. But given more than 30 years of consistently wrong alarmist climate predictions, I think most people are facing up to the truth just fine.

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