Final era local weather hypocrites stick with German runways • Do you agree?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Last generation climate hypocrites should try to limit their personal use of fossil fuels before asking other people to give up fossil fuels.

Germany: Climate activists cause flight delays and cancellations

Activists of the last generation hindered operations at airports in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Some are said to have stuck themselves in places near runways.

“Last generation” climate activists blocked airports in the German cities of Hamburg and Dusseldorf on Thursday, causing significant disruption to air travel.

Activists said they cut fences at both airports and several people taped themselves to the ground near the runways.

The protesters said their actions are aimed at drawing attention to the rising number of airline passengers, which is leading to rising climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions from aviation.

“Rather than presenting a concrete plan to prevent this and to meet the legally required emissions reduction target, the Department of Transport is opting for ‘technological flexibility,'” the group explained.

In view of the delays, Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced new security measures: “Soon there will be actual standards for operators of critical infrastructures.”

“This includes airports and that will continue to lead to extra security at airports,” she added.

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How can anyone take climate hypocrites like Last Generation, Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil seriously? Are they really so stupid that they don’t realize that the clothes most of them wear, the glue they use and the banners they carry are mostly made from fossil fuels? Maybe they think their personal hypocrisy doesn’t matter?

Climate activists, if you want us to take your calls to go fossil fuel seriously, try to limit your personal use of fossil fuels.


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