Excessive temperatures? – Watts with that?

“6% wetter than 30 years ago”, conversation about confirmation errors, grabbed. If the waste of money on “climate change” weren’t so serious, such a comment would be ridiculous. In which time periods do you measure “prolonged heavy rain events” and “associated floods”?

I was watching a Sky Arts show on ‘The Moody Blues’ the other day and Justin Hayward was telling a story from the 1970s in Malibu, I think it was where they were supposed to be recording. Apparently there was what would now be called “catastrophic” and “evidence of climate change” storm that devastated housing and infrastructure. Back then it was just weather.

These types of extreme weather have always been around. Just look up local history and you’ll find reports of catastrophic floods going back hundreds of years everywhere. Here is a link to flood marks on Worcester Cathedral that go back centuries.


The plain truth is that there is ZERO evidence that what is happening now is far from a natural occurrence, especially when you factor in other factors like the built environment. In the UK, millions of homes have paved hard surfaces for additional parking, leaving no room for rainwater to naturally leave. But when it comes to floods as a result, everything is attributed to “climate change”.

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