Europe’s ’48°C horror that by no means occurred’… ESA and media slammed for manipulative reporting • Do you agree?

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By P. Gosselin

“The worst climate lie”: Last week it was in the news: temperatures in southern Europe exploded to 48°C! But none of that was true.

Surface Temperature Chart: European Space Agency (ESA)

The hysteria began when climate sensation media in Germany and elsewhere, such as the Relotius Spiegel, uncritically cited a sloppily and manipulatively worded July 13 report by the European Space Agency (ESA), which initially referred to “air” temperature:

This week sees sizzling temperatures across Europe amid an intense and prolonged heatwave. And it’s only just begun. Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland are all facing a major heatwave Air Temperatures are expected to soar to 48ºC on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – possibly the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Europe.”

The original ESA report continued and only later clarified that it was indeed referring to surface temperature (emphasis added):

The animation below uses data from the radiometer instrument of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission and shows the land surface Temperature across Italy between July 9th and 10th. As the picture clearly shows, in some cities the surface of the country above 45°C, including Rome, Naples, Taranto and Foggia. Many temperatures above 50°C have been recorded along the eastern slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily.”

Meant here not The standard temperatures, measured 2 meters above the ground and which we always find here in the daily weather reports, are much cooler, but rather close to the ground surface. This crucial difference went completely unnoticed by the media and journalists who reported about new record temperatures. By the time the trick was discovered by observant readers, the news had already spread around the world.

Yesterday ESA issued a (vague) statement explaining the difference between surface and air temperature at 2 meters altitude, but it continued to mislead:

land surface temperature is how hot the “surface” of the earth feels. air temperaturegiven in our daily weather forecasts, is a measure of how hot the air is above the ground.”

ESA didn’t bother to mention that the surface temperature is much higher than the 2-meter air temperature.

“Sharpest climate lie”

“What we have experienced in the last few days was the worst climate lie since temperature records began,” reported Angst Reichelt from Germany here on the impact of ESA’s sloppy, manipulative press release and the media storm that followed: “The problem with this report is this .” none of this is true.”

In Sicily, the temperature reached just 32°C over the weekend – a far cry from 48°C, highlighting the big difference between the ground surface temperature and the readings at 2 meters.

When the tricks were exposed, Der Spiegel quietly changed the wording in its July 14 report:

Image cropped from Warning Reichelt.

Spiegel changed the text (left) from 48°C with “many heat deaths” to (right): “48°C … but that the measurements were not the usual air temperature – which can be significantly lower.”

It’s clear the authorities and media are trying to outsmart the public, but thanks to observant readers, they got caught again.

For more information on heat waves, visit our All About Climate website.

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