European startups within the residential photo voltaic house raised over 500 million euros in 2022

above that past year, the exploding fuel Prices over Europe have increased consumer interest in alternative sources of energysuch as solar power. And as demand has increased, 2022 has been a good year financing year for startups Focused on providing photovoltaic (PV) technology to residential customers.

Special, European startups in the sector have raised over €488 million — and that’s without the €855-million fault financing Round attracted by Berlin-based unicorn Enpal.

Remarkably, 86.4% of the amount was injected German-based startupsincluding 1point5°, Zolar, Sunhero, Enpal, One hundred, and Sunvigo.

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1Komma5° received the highest financing all year round for €200 million. Founded in 2021 Pursue has risenlevel investors such as Porsche and presents an interesting one business strategy: aggregation Individually Pursue that offer solar Services and bundle them together.

Outside of Germanyresidential solar Technology Pursue who have experienced a capital increase are also active Spain (Samara), Sweden (Sunroof), Norway (Otovo), Estonia (Sunstone) and the United Kingdom (Naked energy, Solivus).

underneath, Spain-based Samara offers another interesting Case. Founded in the summer of 2022 beginning managed to collect €6.4 million within six months.

That Pursue Used software to develop a comprehensive customer-centric solution ranging from the installation from solar panels to EV chargers. The technology makes it possible user to preview the solar panel installation through a 3D modelestimate energy Savings and calculate their positive environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions.

What all Pursue They all share the goal of making the switch to solar possible energy by focusing on affordability and convenience: from simple installation practices and maintenance Services to customizable options and energy monitoring Tool.

Overall made 2022 possible startups in which Space to attract even more capital and demonstrate their performance potential better Services to consumers and in turn further promote the Switch to solar power.

And how Europe urges the adoption of consistent types of energycan we expect solar Technology startups will expect higher investments in the coming year.

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