European inexperienced ambitions rely on US funding Ukraine – Watts with it?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Here I argue that US funding for Ukraine frees up resources that British and European governments are using to undermine the Republicans and drive their radically green agenda right to the heart of the American political landscape.

The following recent article by George Soros outlines his hope that US intervention will result in a speedy resolution to the Ukraine war and the collapse of the Russian empire, allowing resources currently tied up by the war to be diverted to climate action .

Russian defeat is inevitable and will allow the world to focus on our real problem – climate change

The countries of the former Soviet empire are eagerly awaiting the defeat of the Russian army in Ukraine, and the world will be able to focus on climate change, writes George Soros

THU, MARCH 23, 2023 – 01:28

A little over a month ago I gave a speech on the eve of the Munich Security Conference. Since then, so much remarkable has happened — and so quickly — that it’s worth comparing my forecasts from a month ago with actual developments.

The biggest changes have taken place in the global climate system. By that I mean actual climate events and climate scientists’ understanding of those events. The main message I wanted to get across in Munich was that the global climate system is heavily dependent on what happens inside the Arctic Circle.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The other area where important changes have taken place is Russia’s war against Ukraine. By October, Ukraine was victorious on the battlefield. Then Russia, with the help of Iran, introduced drones on a large scale. Their aim was to undermine the morale of Ukrainians by depriving the civilian population of electricity, heat and water. That put Ukraine on the defensive.

The countries of the former Soviet empire that want to assert their independence can hardly wait for the Russian army in Ukraine to be crushed. At that point, Putin’s dream of a renewed Russian empire will crumble and no longer pose a threat to Europe.

The defeat of Russian imperialism will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of the world. It will bring great relief to open societies and create enormous problems for closed societies. Most importantly, it will allow the world to focus on its biggest problem, climate change.

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What are people like Soros actually planning to do with all these resources to liberate them from the forced collapse of the Russian empire?

In 2017 I think we got a glimpse behind the scenes. The then UK climate secretary boasted about her plan to use UK government resources to bypass the US federal government and undermine support for President Trump’s energy policies.

Britain bypasses Donald Trump to discuss climate change directly with US city mayors

Claire Perry, Secretary of State for Climate Change, says the UK government is now discussing how to tackle global warming with “other actors” in the US

Ian Johnston
environmental correspondent
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 2:21 p.m

Britain has begun to sidestep Donald Trump over climate change and is speaking directly to mayors and other city officials campaigning to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the new climate change minister has revealed.

Claire Perry, who was appointed to the post after last month’s general election, said UK ministers “didn’t miss an opportunity” to convey to the US president their disappointment that he had decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, The reports the news service Bloomberg.

She said she spoke to “other players” in the US, including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who visited the UK last week.

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Former UK climate secretary Claire Perry may have let the cat out of the bag with her public boast of having “bypassed” the Trump administration, but I doubt she acted alone.

How would removing US funding to Ukraine help rectify this outrageous situation?

I believe that removing US funding to Ukraine would deprive green activists in Europe of their indirect access to US taxpayer resources, resources that I believe they are currently using to undermine US politicians opposed to climate action .

Soros himself pointed the way to this resolution with his complaint that the Ukraine war is diverting resources from climate protection.

It’s not about choosing a side in the Ukraine conflict, it’s about preventing the misuse of US taxpayers’ money.

Cutting US funding to Ukraine would force Europe to shift its weight fully to defense spending, triggering an even greater diversion of resources away from European-funded international climate activism, and would prevent European actors from indirectly siphoning US taxpayers’ money use to undermine and “bypass”. US politicians who oppose their green agenda.

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