EU battle on agriculture pushback protests unfold – Watt with it?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Encouraged by BoerBurgerBeweging’s recent election victory in the Netherlands, farmers in Slovenia, Germany and Flanders are staging large protests against the EU’s war on agriculture.

Tractor protests spread: 5,000 Slovenian farmers oppose the EU’s green agenda

By PETER CADDLE March 27, 2023

5,000 farmers are said to have taken part in a tractor rally in Slovenia to protest against green agenda rules implemented by both national and EU officials in the country.

Thousands of farmers across Slovenia reportedly took to the country’s streets on Friday with their tractors to protest against various green agenda rules in force in the country.

The demo commemorates similar events that are now regularly held in other EU countries, with farmers in Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands all taking part in similar rallies to protest the EU’s green rules.

According to a report by Euractiv, around 5,000 farmers took part in the protest, which was largely in response to the recent decision restricting the use of pesticides in certain areas over fears of water pollution.

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The EU is not giving up on its anti-farmer madness. As WUWT reported a few days ago, the EU’s bureaucratic response to the widespread protests so far seems to have been to ignore the complaints and dictate to elected officials what fertilizer and pesticide policy goals they must achieve.

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