Enraged Portuguese Motorists Clear Local weather Roadblock • Watts Up With That?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Portuguese motorists losing patience with climate protestors.

This isn’t the first time motorists have lost it with climate protestors.

Climate protestors haven’t tried to stop train commuters lately.

What can I say? If climate protestors held up a few banners by the side of the road, and respected the rights of others, by doing their best not to inflict unlawful disruption on ordinary people, I would fully uphold and defend their right to protest. And of course, I would uphold the right of passers by to ignore them.

But these protestors are going way beyond presenting their message to the public, they are forcing people to stop and pay attention.

if I was stuck in a traffic jam because a bunch of losers decided to deprive me of my choice to ignore them, I find it difficult to imagine myself sitting still while my rights were being trampled.

Obviously WUWT would prefer these confrontations don’t occur. WUWT certainly does not condone or encourage unlawful violence.

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