England’s World Boiling Summer time • Watts Up With That?

I have this neat device for helping me to determine how seasons progress and unfold. It’s called Tooting Graveney Common (TGC).

“Tooting Bec Common and the smaller Tooting Graveney Common, which were once part of much larger medieval manors. The name Tooting Graveney originates from the De Gravenell family who were awarded the land in the wake of the Norman conquest of 1066. The manor of Tooting Bec was under the ownership of Tooting Bec Priory, associated with the Benedictine abbey of Bec in Normandy, in modern day France. “

TGC has been rewilded for something like 30 to 40 years, largely left to its own devices save for the 1 metre mowing by pavements etc.

For example, the BBC cries drought beyond belief and a quick look at the ‘device’ tells me it’s hyped up excrement of the bovine variety. And so it goes.

It’s clear to me that they really have prematurely ejaculated on the hyperbole front. This year could not have been much more different to last year. A cold, grey, wet summer with one or two hot days and a thunderstorm. What they needed was a repeat of 2022 and mother nature said: “on your bike“.

They say boiling…. so, if we agree that the max temp in 2023 was 32.6C then for water to boil the atmospheric pressure must be 0.055 atmospheres. 

So what are the chances of that? The funny thing is they expect to be taken seriously.

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