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Not many people know that

By Paul Homewood

I suspect stories like this one do the rounds in all media:

The latest weather updates as heatwaves and floods cause disruption around the world. Europe is preparing for a new anticyclone called Charon, a heat dome is looming over the US, China has recorded its highest temperature ever and bodies have been recovered from a tunnel in South Korea.

They are now really desperate to push their climate agenda forward, which is becoming increasingly unpopular as people begin to realize how much it will cost them.

Just one of several outright lies in this Sky article is this:

As we know, world food production continues to increase every year.

But Marsham is betraying the game when he calls for a renewable energy shift and calls for the government to “act”. Doesn’t he understand that our emissions are being dwarfed compared to the rest of the world?

Meanwhile, in the real world, we can see that the world is not turning into an inferno and that we have the usual mixed weather, warmer than normal in some places and cooler in others.

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Like this:

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