Crews Combat Tesla Battery Fires in Moorabool, Close to Geelong – Watts Up With That?

From ABC News

A poison fire is said to burn all night at the location of Australia’s largest Tesla battery project.

Important points:

  • A 13-ton Tesla lithium battery burns near Geelong
  • The battery should be ready this year
  • It was supposed to be the largest battery in the southern hemisphere

The fire broke out while testing a Tesla mega-pack at the Victorian Big Battery site near Geelong.

A 13-ton lithium battery went up in flames, which then spread to an adjacent battery bank.

More than 150 people from Fire Rescue Victoria and the Country Fire Authority responded to the fire, which has been contained and closely monitored until it burns out by itself.

“Trying to cool them down will only add to the process,” said Ian Beswicke, the CFA’s assistant chief fire officer.

“But we could be here between 8 and 24 hours while we wait for it to burn down.”

The Tesla battery is expected to become the largest battery in the southern hemisphere as part of the Victorian government’s efforts to transition to renewable energy.

The whole story here.

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