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Essay by Eric Worrall

Handout seeking dictatorships are furious rich nations once again refuse to hand over funds with no strings attached.

Climate ‘loss and damage’ talks end in failure

Paris  Sat, October 21, 2023

A crucial meeting on climate “loss and damages” ahead of COP28 ended in failure Saturday, with countries from the global north and south unable to reach an agreement, according to sources involved in the talks.

The agreement to set up a dedicated fund to help vulnerable countries cope with climate “loss and damage” was a flagship achievement of last year’s COP27 talks in Egypt. 

But countries left the details to be worked out later. 

The failure “is a clear indication of the deep chasm between rich and poor nations”, Harjeet Singh, head of global political strategy for Climate Action Network International, said in a statement to AFP on Saturday. 

Read more: https://www.thejakartapost.com/business/2023/10/21/climate-loss-and-damage-talks-end-in-failure.html

Going by the steady, unbroken rise of atmospheric CO2 measured by Mauna Loa observatory, none of the money spent on climate conferences or the trillions of dollars spent on CO2 reduction measures to date have had any noticeable impact on global CO2. There is zero chance the hundred billion dollars per year recipient nations want will have an impact.

Original source NOAA, annotated to show significant geopolitical climate events.

It is time to call an end to the charade and futility, time to cancel all future COPs, and stop this pointless waste of taxpayer resources once and for all.

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