Buyers say the stockpicker market will not dampen enthusiasm for ETFs

According to a top investor, exchange-traded funds can still compete in today’s “stock picker” market.

“A lot of money goes into active ETFs because they offer the benefits of active management.” [or] from stock selection … but also from all the tax advantages and cost advantages that you get with an ETF,” Eduardo Repetto, chief investment officer of Avantis Investors, told CNBC’s ETF Edge last week.

He predicts that actively managed ETFs will continue to gain in importance in the second half of the year.

“We used to only have index ETFs,” Repetto noted. However, he stressed that this has changed over the past three years as the number of actively managed ETFs has increased.

Repetto’s company is behind it Avantis US Equity ETF, an actively managed portfolio of US equities. Its website lists the fund’s largest holdings Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, metaplatforms And alphabet.

As of Friday, the ETF is up 12% this year and 49% over the past three years.

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