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Guest contribution by Eric Worrall

As yet another blow to COP26, reports have surfaced that UK COP26 host Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given in to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s demands to remove tough climate targets from the UK-Australian free trade agreement currently under negotiation.

The UK government is accused of dropping FHA climate commitments due to Australian pressure

From Steve Cannane, Head of Europe

When Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison announced they had signed a trade agreement between Australia and the UK, it was sold as a win / win deal.

Important points:

  • A leaked email allegedly shows the UK agreed to drop climate references from the FTA to appease Australia
  • Britain is slated to hold the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow late next month
  • The free trade agreement between Australia and the UK could be officially signed within a few weeks

But now the UK government is under fire for giving way to Australia on climate change goals just months before asking other nations to cut emissions when it hosts the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

A leaked email from a senior UK Cabinet official – received from Sky News UK – allegedly shows the British have agreed to drop certain notices of Paris Climate Agreement commitments to appease Australia and a free trade deal on the line.

John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace in the UK, told ABC he saw the email and said it showed Australia is pushing to remove references to Paris temperature commitments from the free trade agreement.

“The Australian government said they would not sign a trade deal if it were included in the trade deal, and three ministers, senior cabinet ministers, were consulted and the agreement was that in order to get the trade deal across the border, they would remove the temperature commitments that essentially underpin the Paris Agreement from the trade agreement, ”he said.

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The funniest part of this latest blow to international climate change is that it is probably the European Union’s fault.

If the European Union hadn’t been so eager to punish Britain for leaving, Britain might have been less desperate about signing free trade agreements with Australia and other non-EU countries.

So what we have is a case of two tough climate activist power blocs, the UK and the EU, who are so busy fighting each other that they have missed an opportunity to pressure the rest of the world to come true Commit climate protection measures.

My prediction – Glasgow COP26 will be a total fiasco.

Between NATO’s anger over President Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, an ongoing feud between the green EU and green Britain, increasingly absurd demands for cash from poor countries, and the simple refusal of China and Australia to play along, I expect from COP26 just an agreement agreement to hold a COP27 climate conference.


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