Australians do not care in regards to the 43°C (110°F) local weather disaster • Do you agree?

Essay by Eric Worrall

In Australia, we call a high of 110°F a warm summer day. So when alarmists tell us these temperatures represent a climate crisis, we Australians are a bit at a loss.

Our response to burning questions should not be inaction

July 24, 2023 – 5:00 p.m

Think for a moment how many words your eyes skip when you—if you are still reading—articles about the catastrophe we are in the midst of. My list would go something like this: floods; Fire; record temperatures; melting ice; mass extinction; bleached coral; 1.5 degrees; 2 degrees; IPCC report; Dryness; heat wave; turning point.

There’s more, but I want you to keep reading.

I am writing this – and beware, this paragraph will bore you – at the end of a really crazy time. The world has probably just experienced its hottest two weeks on record. Nobody in the world has experienced a hotter time. People in Phoenix, Arizona suffered from temperatures exceeding 43 degrees for almost three weeks. Climate change combined with El Niño has resulted in near-incredible conditions. (At least it’s all earned me a new expression: “heat dome”. This appears to be hot air trapped in the atmosphere. Right now, my eyes slow when I encounter it; no doubt that will stop soon.)

As others have noted, Such facts hardly seem to be known in Australia anymore.

The question of how to confront climate change – gloomily or optimistically – is controversial. American commentator Ezra Klein recently wrote about how a world dealing with climate change is actually more exciting: better cars, warmer homes, cleaner air. Politically, he wrote, we cannot count on doom to convince people: “The green future must be inviting, even exciting.” If people cannot identify with it, they will fight to stop it.”

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The author further complains that Australians also do not support The Voice, a left-wing attempt to introduce racial identity-based privileges into the Australian Constitution. I’m not sure what The Voice has to do with climate change.

Why are Australians and the general public no longer looking forward to a few hot days? Probably for the same reason that Arizonans aren’t usually fond of hot weather. Most people living in hot places like Australia have experienced hot weather at home, on holiday or at work, weather conditions that rival the supposed “climate crisis” we live under.

This heat wave record in Phoenix, Arizona (22 consecutive days above 110°F) was just a few days longer than an earlier record (18 days above 110°F) in 1974 when CO2 was about 330 ppm. While every minute of those four additional days of the Phoenix heatwave is due to a 93 ppm increase in CO2 since 1974 (2022 figure: around 423 ppm), the appropriate response is to buy more air conditioning, not shut down Western civilization.

If the climate crisis we’ve all been waiting for turns out to be just a few extra beach and pool weather days, what a sad, boring finale to all the dramatic climate propaganda we’ve witnessed over the last few decades.

More background on climate change alarmism can be found here.


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