August snowfall in Austria with additional forecasts for the approaching days. “Winter feeling” – get together with it?

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By P. Gosselin on August 27, 2021

Summer snow hits the northern hemisphere …

Many parts of Europe did not have a real summer as there was a lot of cool and wet weather to be seen this year.

Predicted snow days up to 2000 meters in the Austrian Alps

Today the Austrian website reports here, “Snowflakes have colored many mountain regions of Austria white overnight”, although we are still in the summer month of August. A low pressure system over Central Europe and carries cold air from the north into the Alps. also reports that the snowfall in the mountains last night is not only an unusual one-day weather freak, but that there will be snow in the coming days. “At least until the end of next week, temperatures will not break the 20-degree mark anywhere.”

“Winter feeling”

According to “In large parts of the country it will be restless and cool over the weekend. Especially from the Tiroler Unterland to the Mostviertel and Mariazellerland, the clouds will dominate and it will rain frequently. For the first time, the winter feeling could arise again, because snowfall is possible again on the mountain peaks above 2,000 meters. “

Summers of 2019 and 2020 were particularly hot and dry across Europe, and climate alarmists boldly declared that the hot weather was climate change. But this year the alarmists have been silent.

Big news from Greenland

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) reported that Greenland’s snow mass balance has now reached a “historic level for this time of the year”:

Source DMI.

These astonishing increases are in addition to those observed in recent years. The tide has turned in Greenland. And this growth trend accelerated in 2020 – that’s BIG News. This is how glaciers are built. This is how ice ages begin.

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