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I am writing this from downtown Seattle.

You’re probably wondering why, so here’s the deal – I’m putting up a new weekly radio program.

Oh cool! A WUWT radio program!…. not quite. That’ll come later. On Saturday I’ll be Dr. Visiting Cliff Mass at UW to talk about it (you may remember he used to do a radio show on NPR, but they fired him when he started talking about some common sense observations) but today That Theme has nothing to do with weather or climate, but I bet it’s something you will love.

I’m helping start a radio show about animal behavior in Seattle. What are you saying? Continue reading.

Many people in Northern California were burned out in the terrible campfire in November 2018. It disrupted lives, careers, pets, and people. A friend of mine was one of the victims. She lost everything, but saved her animals.

You can read the story Here in the Chico Enterprise Record.

Enter Karpathia Kingsley, former rock music enthusiast and band member when she lived in Los Angeles. After moving after the devastating campfire in November 2018, she looked for her career again, with really the most …. something. She kept asking me if I should do the radio even though her face was made for television. As you will see in the article linked above, the “Eureka moment” came when she decided to go back to school and become a certified animal behaviorist at the University of Washington.

This resulted in the show “Animal Calls”. I’m the producer, at least until it can run on its own.

I also used my voice to create the quirky opening segment. Calliope music is something I used to listen to as a child on river boats on the Ohio River. It reminded me of circus music and seemed appropriate for this entertaining and entertaining show.

Open the show, click the arrow to listen.

In short, this is what the show is about:

Do you remember the TV show “Frasier,” where he featured a Seattle-based psychology radio show with the catchphrase “I hear”? Imagine this concept for animals with a dose of Dr. Doolittle ahead!

ANIMAL CALLS is a call-in show where you can ask tough questions about your pets and animals and why they are behaving the way they do.

Karpathia Kingsley is a Certified Animal Behaviorist with a certificate from the University of Washington in Seattle. It’s a real thing, not just any jumbo jumbo.

See the website at and the press release here:

It debuts tomorrow (Friday, July 16) on KKNW in Seattle at 12 p.m. Pacific Time, and you can hear it live at I’ll be there to make sure everything is okay. And for the record, I have no relationship with her other than the radio.

So why am I telling you this Well, the show is fully listened to, at least for now. So I’d like to ask my readers a favor.

Please listen to the show live on Friday, July 16 at 12:00 PM PDT, read about it in the links above, and if you like it please tip the host. You will be given the dial-in number if you want to ask a question. As soon as the show can stand on its own, I’ll return to the regularly scheduled climate wars. I’m just doing a good deed because my dog ​​Kenji, who is the only animal member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said I should do it.

Thank you for your attention – Anthony

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